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Instant Player

How It Works

Instant Player serves streetviews without the need to process them before.

This reduces the turnaround time dramatically.

Just configure the project as usual in Creator 3.

Then generate the instant-player folder. It only needs a minute.

Install the optional Instant Player.

Open the Instant Player and add the project to it with a few mouse clicks.

Instant Player immediately starts to serve the streetviews, processing them on-the-fly. There is no noticeable delay.

Once a streetview has been processed it is automatically cached to speed up future requests for it.

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  • Reduces the turnaround time to the bare minimum by avoiding the need to process all streetviews first.
  • Reduces storage space needs by processing and saving only requested streetviews.
  • Basic User authentication build-in.
  • Projects can be updated in Creator 3.
  • Works with Windows 10.
  • For closed user groups like your own office or VPN users.


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