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Open Stand-alone player in new window.

How it works

Easily use the Streetview player to show all of your geo-referenced assets.

Let’s assume your company already has a list of 100,000 geo-referenced assets in a database.
How can you link them to the 5,000 kilometers worth of Streetviews you have just recorded?

Just add the Visualizer to the player generated by the Creator program.

Then get your existing system to generate a URL for each of your assets containing at least the latitude and longitude values:

You can also provide the altitude and description:

Optionally, you can add more key/value pairs to display any data:


When clicking the link:

  • The Visualizer player plug-in opens the Streetview player in a new browser window
  • It opens the Streetview closest to the coordinates provided by the link
  • It automatically pans left/right and up/down to look at the coordinates provided
  • It displays a green marker on the map
  • It displays a green marker on the Streetview
  • It displays the optional description of your assets in the data frame in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Additional descriptions can be added as key/value pairs to the link