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Market day, Morocco

Located in central Morocco is the small Berber village of Tilougguite. On our way into the High Atlas mountain range we passed through on the market day. The blurring of faces and number-plates is done with the Privacy Keeper. The recording is done with the Original 360 camera mounted to the car with the Car Mount.

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Cemetery Église Saint-Denise, France

Located in southern France this short recording done on foot with the Original 360 camera mounted to the Backpack illustrates the challenges provided by the need to record gravestones for e.g. a genealogy website.
Some tombstones are readable perfect: 12, 3. Others are a challenge: 4.

To view the headstones one after-the-other please use the PgUp and PgDown keys of your keyboard to navigate from one streetview to the next. The view will be kept this way.

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Google Maps

In Summer of 2018 we added the G-Publisher program to publish footage recorded with our Original 360 Camera to Google Maps.
And recorded the Neurott part of our hometown Langen to show to you.

Open Google Maps to have a look.
Click the yellow pegman icon to view our Photo Spheres.

Read all about how we did this G-Publisher project.

Timeline of a Road Construction

When the City of Langen started to convert a large crossroads into a roundabout we documented this as a Timeline with Before/During/After construction streetviews.

A streetview from one timeline is automatically matched to the equivalent streetview in the other timelines.
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German Autobahn (Motorway)

In Summer of 2018 we recorded the German Motorway A5 nearby Frankfurt am Main in Hessen, Germany.
Including the Steingrund (Southbound) and Kaiserstein (Northbound) parking areas and the junctions Langen and Neu Isenburg.
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Read all about how we did this Autobahn project.

Recording Southern France

This footage from the south of France has been recorded by car with the Magnetic Car Mount.

This mount fits into the camera case for easy transportation.
It holds on to any magnetic surface by four strong magnets.

Recording Lithuanian railway tracks

The Railway Mount attaches to a locomotive or railcar to record railroad tracks.
The railway camera has a built-in 1TB data capacity.
It stores 1,000 km of railway track when recording every 5 meters.

Recording the Rhine by boat

The Boat Mount is ideal to attach the camera to the magnetic hull of a boat.
Then just record and process as usual.

Recording Beaches on foot

The Backpack will get you where no car can go.
The operating weight is just 13 kg. One can easily carry it a whole day.
Also works well with bicycles, motorcycles and scooter as well as quads.